Cash Carlson

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Cash Carlson

Software Development Student
Kirkwood Community College

I'm an aspiring developer learning new technologies every day.
My skill sets range from C# and Java to Frameworks like Angular.
Thank you for visiting and feel free to scroll through my portfolio.


Languages: C#, Java, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS.
Technologies: SQL, jQuery, Angular.
Software Practices: Git, GitHub, Git Flow, Scrum, Agile, UML, Unit Testing.

Relevant Experience

Tutor - Kirkwood Community College

August 2018 - Current | Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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Personal Website

Source Code

My website that you are currently viewing right now!
This site is used to showcase my knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Also, it's used to show a portfolio of public projects that I've worked on.
This website will eventually be updated with new technologies and more.

Simple Budget Program

Source Code

This program is a very simple program to accept income and expenses,
saves them to a CSV file which the program reads from to calculate a total.
The user is also allowed to edit/remove existing data in the CSV file
from the program as well.

Sort Visualizer in Command Line

Source Code

This program was originally to showcase my knowledge of data structures
and algorithms. However, I am working on a better program to showcase
that knowledge more visually appealing through the use of graphics.